How Early Music Education Develop Your Infants, Toddlers and Young Kids Through Musical Toys

Every parent should have the experience of being proud of the new things that your kid(s) learned every single day. Whether it’s just a new sound that they can make, or a small progress in their walking, these are just tiny precious things that parents so much cherish of.

The Golden Learning Period

The speed that children can absorb new knowledge is just like a sponge sucking water in. Many researches about early childhood learning have confirmed that children have their golden learning period from infant to 6 year-old. It is the period where your children explore and absorb new things including sounds, words, movements, as well as the golden period for brain development.

Benefits of Early Music Education

Many researches on early childhood music education have drawn conclusion that children can benefit from music educations, not only on their musicality, but also on:

1. development of language skills
2. creativity
3. parent-child relationship
4. social skills
5. cognitive development
6. concentration
7. self-esteem
8. self-expressiveness

Develop Music Education at Home

There are music playgroups available for infant, toddlers and young kids. You can also help your kids to develop musicality at home by using musical toys.

Below are some selected musical toys that could help your kids to benefit from early childhood music education.

For Infants:

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Kick and Play Piano

This kick & play piano associates baby’s physical movement with different tunes, which eventually can build up a song through kicking the soft pad. Via the music making process, babies would get familiar with the concept of having sound while kicking. The series of short tunes would help them recognize different sounds and be able to distinguish them. Their musicality would be subtly built.

Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano

Instead of using feet, this Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano emphasize on the usage of hands, ears and eyes. The speaker of the piano produces music tunes, as well as number-counting in 3 different languages. Your babies can also compose music via using different modes and keys. This piano is an advanced version of all average pianos for infant.